Mandy cares about our Wisconsin traditions


by Don Roberts, Mandy's Dad

In our family, hunting is heritage. It’s about tradition and history, family and camaraderie. 

I was taught to hunt by my own dad, and a big part of it was just sharing his appreciation for the great outdoors with me. I loved nature, I loved watching animals, and I loved the extra attention and time I got with him on those hunting trips. So to me, hunting and caring for the outdoors go hand in hand. It’s just common sense - if you enjoy the outdoors and value access to it for all the sportsmanship it provides, then you oughta’ do what you can to protect it. 

When I had kids of my own, hunting and conservation got passed right down. We moved near the Wisconsin River so the kids could enjoy the outdoors. When Mandy was small, she and her older brother would spend hours and hours in the woods, hiking and hunting. I vividly remember the day Mandy got her first buck. We were out in the morning, the air was brisk and the leaves crunched underfoot. Mandy was 14 years old. She shot straight from the hip and got it on her first try. It was a 8-pointer too. (That’s my girl!) 

Screen Shot 2016-11-03 at 9.27.05 AM.png

I will always be a hunter, and I’ve been out in the woods a lot this fall. I’m so fortunate to get to experience Wisconsin in the ways we do, hunting, hiking, swimming, bird watching. 

My daughter is running for the 85th Assembly District, and I’m proud to say that she cares about our environment and our Wisconsin traditions. I’m a hunter, and I’m with Mandy.