Don't Let our Public Schools Get Sold Out - A letter from Dave Obey


Harry Truman once said that some people love the government so much they’re willing to buy it. We are seeing an effort to do that now in Marathon County, where an avalanche of money is being spent by the American Federation for Children to purchase tv ads aimed at defeating Mandy Wright and electing Pat Snyder to the State Assembly.  

This right-wing extremist operation and its allies hope to continue their six-year assault on the state by propping up another political puppet who poses as a supporter of public education while tearing down a real supporter of public education. In the 85th Assembly District where I started my legislative career, Republican Pat Snyder is trying to convince his voters that he supports public education.  Pat Snyder is no friend of Wisconsin’s public school kids.

Democrat Mandy Wright, the target of this onslaught, is a real teacher and real champion for our kids.  She served a term in the legislature where she developed a state-wide reputation as a champion of public education; advocating for more funding for our rural districts and calling out the destructive hypocrisy of defunding under the voucher system.

For a dozen years, Snyder took to the airwaves to spew far right vitriol that polarized public discourse in Marathon County. It comes as no surprise that one of his most strident supporters this election season is disgraced former Republican Majority Leader Scott Jensen who is directing the spending of a boatload of dark money on Snyder’s behalf. This is a man who faced federal charges for election activities and was barred from ever seeking public office in the state again.

Jensen and his group, the American Federation for Children, assert that their main goal is to create a better atmosphere for education in Wisconsin by pushing school vouchers.  But they do so in a sleight of hand way that weakens and undercuts funding for public education. That may be good for the Jensen’s allies and his donors, but it is a bad deal for every child who relies on public education to be his or her door opener in life.

Don’t let the 85th District and our legacy of strong public schools be sold out. Please help your neighbors to understand that Mandy Wright is the true champion for every kid who needs a good education in Wisconsin and Pat Snyder is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. These are our kids.  We have to fight for them.

Mandy needs our help to prevent these ideological right wingers from further eroding Wisconsin’s education system by funneling public dollars to private voucher schools accountable to nobody. And for goodness’ sake, don’t let Scott Jensen buy another term by proxy in the state legislature.

David R. Obey

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