The yard sign that brings us all together.

This story was shared with us by Steve and Shelley Miller, Wausau residents.

Our home sits on a quiet block. The street is tree-lined, the homes are modest and well-kept. We find we have a lot in common with our neighbors - we have kids the same age as some, we subscribe to the same local paper, drive similar cars. But one difference really stands out. Political persuasion. Our block is home to democrats, republicans, and independents alike.

One weekend I was out in the yard raking leaves when my neighbor walked over. This neighbor comes from a conservative family, often votes conservatively and has conservative candidate signs in her yard. So you can imagine my shock when the first thing she said to me was: “Where can I get one of those Mandy Wright signs?”

To answer my (pleasant) surprise, my neighbor shared that she was impressed with how deeply Mandy listens, and had witnessed for herself the way Mandy is out in the community, getting things done for Wausau. I pulled the sign right out of my yard and handed it over. I said, “You take this one, I’ll get another at the campaign office tomorrow.”

That interaction speaks directly to one of the things that we really value about Mandy. She cares about all of us. She’s not afraid to lean across the aisle to get things done for the greater good of Central WI. She’s respectful, a great communicator, and she never demeans anyone’s opinion. She is wonderful at compromise and collaboration. Most of all, I love that Mandy is someone who can bring me and my neighbor together, rather than divide us.

Another striking quality about Mandy is that she is tireless in her pursuit of what’s right. I have never seen a young politician work as hard as she has. Once, on the Rural Schools Task Force (a bipartisan effort, by the way), she traveled all over the state visiting schools and talking to students and staff. She committed a huge amount of her own time to developing first-hand knowledge of the issues to better inform how she would represent us. Mandy consistently goes over and above the call of duty. She is truly a remarkable representative.

The 2016 election is creeping up quickly, and it’s our hope that in the next few weeks our block will fill with the little purple Mandy yard signs that have become signature to her campaign. I have never seen anyone more able, more open, and more capable of representing us all in the 85th Assembly District. Mandy is someone we can all get behind.

Our values, our representative. 
That’s why we’re with Mandy.

- Steve and Shelley Miller