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WAUSAU, Wis (WSAW) – Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is still experiencing backlash, after his recent comments about the family of an American solider killed in war.

Mandy Wright, the Democratic Candidate for the 85th District Assembly here in Wisconsin recently asked her opponent in the election, Republican Pat Snyder, to join with her in condemning Trump’s assault on the Gold Star family.

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News Article, WAOW – Newsline 9

On day 2 of the Republican National Convention Tuesday, a Wausau Democrat running for the state Legislature said she is worried Wisconsin Republicans will be influenced by what she calls Donald Trump’s extreme views.

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Op-Ed, Wausau Daily Herald

North of Wausau is a little dead end called Granite Heights Road. That’s where I grew up, along the Wisconsin River. It was a beautiful place to enjoy rural Wisconsin, especially swimming and fishing in the river. However, there was a time when I was young that we couldn’t eat the fish we caught because the river was too polluted. My parents always made us take a shower right when we got out to wash away a layer of scum that clung to our bodies. I don’t seem to have any lasting damage from the pollution, but it’s certainly not what we want for our environment or our kids.

We’ve improved the quality of our water in Wisconsin since the days of my childhood. Here in Marathon County, local and state government as well as industry has worked closely with citizens, and improved our water and environment substantially. For example, between 2001 and 2010, the state of Wisconsin provided 220 farmers in our county with the education and technical assistance to utilize managed grazing. Implementing this agricultural technique not only reduced dairy farming’s contribution to water contamination but also helped farmers increase profitability.

However, the last six years demonstrate that water quality remains an issue here in Wisconsin. Years before the Flint water tragedy came to the forefront of American politics, central Wisconsin confronted its own water crisis. That little dead end road I grew up on is just up the river from Brokaw, where the village has foreclosed largely because of the expensive water delivery system that was built to replace polluted groundwater.

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Press Release, Wright Campaign

Mandy Wright Calls on Parents to Speak out Against More than $1.5 Million Local Tax Dollars Siphoned from Wausau Public Schools
Madison Republicans Quietly Attempt a New Laundering Scheme using Local Tax Dollars for Voucher School Special Interests

WAUSAU – Wednesday, Republican leadership snuck an amendment to an unrelated bill in the Assembly Education Committee that will cost the Wausau School District $673,000. That’s on top of the $852,000 given to the Wausau School District that’s immediately taken out to fund Milwaukee private charter schools.

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Op-Ed, Wausau Daily Herald

When I was a kid growing up just outside of Wausau, my parents knew how to be frugal, so we’d have enough for the future. My mom grew up on a farm and made a ham dinner that turned into sandwiches, then into ham salad, and finally, she’d boil the bone for split pea soup. Now split pea soup is my kids’ favorite dinner.

We should apply the same frugality to our hard-earned tax dollars, so our families and communities will have enough for the future. Despite all the fiscally conservative rhetoric and cuts to important services, Republicans are spending more than ever in our state budget. Your elected Republicans have passed up opportunities to strengthen the middle class while saving taxpayers money. Three things should be done right now to help working families without spending a dime.

1. New opportunities for the private retirement sector. The Wisconsin Retirement System for state employees and elected officials is one of the best pension plans in the country. We should create a safe, secure and stable retirement option available to every worker in Wisconsin with an independent board that takes the strengths of our public pension system and makes them available to private sector workers. Instead of taking away from one group, we can make a system where everyone wins.

2. Lower student debt for higher education. If the cost of an education is scaring off our best and our brightest or burying families in debt, we need to rethink our approach to student loans. Wisconsin Republicans have kept it impossible to refinance student loans when rates improve, like we might with a mortgage. I support the Higher Ed/Lower Debt Bill. Already Wisconsinites have more than $19 billion in student loan debt for 800,000 citizens. We are kneecapping Wisconsin’s greatest economic engine; our consumers. An education is a smart investment that pays off for our workers and our state. Wisconsin employers list the need for qualified employees as a top concern. Education is workforce development, and we need to do more to accommodate our students.

3. Drive down the cost of health care. Now that Gov. Scott Walker’s presidential bid is over, the political posturing surrounding BadgerCare must end. We have to get serious about decreasing the cost of health care. We could bring more than $300 million back into the state over the next two years and enroll 80,000 more Wisconsinites in BadgerCare if we accepted federal funds that remain available. It’s irresponsible to let the tax money we’ve paid to the federal government be sent to other states. As I travel around central Wisconsin, I hear from families and businesses about crippling health care costs. The situation is not sustainable. Many other Republican legislatures have accepted the federal Medicaid funds, and waiting only compounds the problem.

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Op-Ed, Wausau Daily Herald

As a kid growing up, my parents didn’t want to talk about finances with me. My dad was a lineman for the phone company and my mom worked her way up to administration at Wausau Hospital. Without bachelor’s degrees, my parents provided a nice home in the country, two cars and a reasonable amount of camps, sports, travel and college for us kids.

My husband and I both have our master’s degrees, and we don’t have the same economic security our parents enjoyed at our ages. Middle class economic opportunities are disappearing, especially in Wisconsin. Minnesotans average $5,000 a year more in wages than Wisconsinites. Our state ranks worst in the nation for losing our middle class and dead last for new start up business.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Without raising taxes, we can have paid family medical leave, reduce the cost of daycare and tuition at our state universities, as well as offer opportunities to refinance and reduce student loan debt. For true prosperity, we must empower our working families with economic choices, opportunities and stability that allow people to plan long term and invest in their kids.

Everyone that knows me knows I am deeply grateful for the education I received growing up in Wausau and that I’ve dedicated my life to supporting our kids’ futures. I love teaching in this community, and I am deeply disturbed by the ongoing Republican-led state assaults on public education that defund our schools and restrict local control by our locally elected officials. Rural schools like Antigo feel these cuts most severely as they discuss closing more schools and laying off more teachers, reducing opportunities for kids. Even here in Wausau, we passed a $29 million local referendum to raise our property taxes for maintenance projects that should have been funded by the state.

Just in the 85th Assembly District, we’re spending half a million taxpayer dollars on private school tuition for students that often attended those private schools already. That money is needed in our public schools, where there is public oversight for public funds and all children are welcome.

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